Lead Boot Guard Covers

I've been cleaning gutters and repairing lead boot covers for many years. Now I have come up with a solution to stopping squirrels and rodents from destroying your roof's lead boot covers. Pricing is $35.00 per lead boot guards. This will save you from future repairs and roof leaks. If you already have damage to your lead boot cover, you most likely a roof leak. Installing lead boot guards will prevent this from occurring in the future. They are reusable and can last for a lifetime. Estimates are free, so give us a call. Now is your time to let us put the life back into your roof.

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Pipe Guards

Lead Boot Repair and Boot Guard

  • Permanently Stops Squirrels and Rodent Damage
  • Improves Appearance
  • Removable to Allow Plumber Access
  • Available in Two Sizes Covering All Residential Roofs
  • Prevents Costly Lead Boot Guard Damage
  • Installs in Minutes
  • Custom Made to the Color of Your Roof
  • 25-Year Guarantee